Old trips and new travels. This is the place for stories and photos of our adventures. We will attempt to update the blocks of photos when we are ashore and have access to internet cafes.

Central America ~ 2009

We wrapped up our experience in the Caribbean and returned to the familiar waters of the Pacific Ocean. First stop was the islands of the unique and primitive Kuna Yala Nation. Second was our transit of the Panamal Canal. You can't help but feel a part of history passing through those gates. Last but not least was the abundant waters and "rich coastline" of Costa Rica.


February 2009

Kuna Yala Nation

365 islands and atolls inhabited by the Kuna Indians. Primarily fishermen and caretakers of coconuts, they live very primitively in palm huts and dug out canoes for transportation. A matrilineal society, the women control the family finances and decisions. Best known for their molas, intricate and colorful fabrics hand sewn with depictions of stories and nature in their world.

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March 2009


We arrived in Colon, Panama with great anticipation of our canal transit. In the past it was a hurry up and wait game. With the help of a local man named Tito, who takes cruisers and his community under his wing, we were measured, payed up, dangling with tires and moving through in no time. The Kelly's were aboard for extra line handlers and the two day journey was a fantastic adventure for everyone.

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April 2009

Costa Rica

It is not named the "rich coast" for nothing. Though Spanish explorers may have been disappointed not to find the treasures they were looking for, we certainly found more than we had ever dreamed. And we didn't even get the chance to explore the land! We had additional crew in the form of our pal Natalie, and Lisa's sister and her family to help explore the waters from Golfito, to Isla del Cano, the beautiful Osa Pensisula, and the surfers dream of Ollies and Witches Rock. I can guarantee you we'll be back there some day.

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