Tristan & Matthew's World

Tristan and Matthew have left behind a wonderful world in its own right to go on this adventure with their parents, thanks to much help and support from family and friends, including the gang from S. Colby Elementary, Go Bobcats! This is a look into their world from their eyes. Check back from time to time to see what they see. You can send them an email at or watch and comment in their journal. We will try to check it often as the waves (radio and water) allow.

We are all looking forward to getting the opportunity to homeschool while on the boat and see what lessons await us on our journey. Exploring is what we do best.

I am 13, some of my favorite things are science, space, sailing, climbing and running.


Tristan's Thoughts & from the Mouth of Matthew

I am10, I love the water, reading, riding my scooter and cooking.

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July 2007

In Vanuatu we saw an erupting volcano at Mt. Yasur, we tasted a lot of laplap and met villagers.


We saw a sugar cane mill that covered our boats in soot when it was cooking and processing the sugar cane. In Musket Cove we had a lot of fun in the local swimming pool, wake boarding and visited a local school. Batiluva is a small resort next to a village and run a Sharon, who has interesting stories about the locals. We helped Dan with his burn pile and played golf on their grass.

New Zealand

November 2006 -

April 2007

We traveled all over North and South Islands in New Zealand. There were glaciers, kauri trees, new birds and animals. It was amazing.

South Pacific

April - November 2006

We swam with sharks, hiked to great waterfalls, ate a lot of coconuts and played with a lot of new fun friends.


November 2005- April 2006

The best thing about Mexico besides the sunshine and warm water is all the great food!!!


The aquarium was a nice place. Our favorite part was the sharks. We learned that sharks are not enemies. Very few hurt humans without you doing something to them.

July - September 2005

We were amazed that there were cars driving on roads on top of and underneath the Bay Bridges.

You have lots of questions and we love to give the answers: Here are a few, send us some more!

Q: Can you get hurt on a boat?
A: We do have to wear our life jackets all the time when we are on the top deck and we are not near land. Sometimes we hit our heads in our bedroom which is not very big. There are ropes and wires on the top deck and sometimes we trip or stub our toes. But it is not so bad.
Q: Is it fun on the boat?
A: It is a lot of fun on the boat. It is great to spend time with my family. For fun on the boat we climb the mast and the boom, we climb the ropes and we swing off the side. When we can we jump into the water. When we are on shore we boogie board and surf, play on the beach and go see things.
Q: How do you go to school?
A: My mom and dad homeschool us on the boat. We do math and spelling, history and science and lots of stuff.
Q: Do you have jobs on the boat?
A: We do have jobs. We have chores to do in the morning like make our beds. lunch time dishes and clean up. We keep a log of the water and weather temperatures, barometer pressure, waves and wind. We try to keep journals of things that were interesting to us like animals we see and adventures we have. We help with the dingy and sometimes steer the boat. Matthew likes to help cook too.


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