The hawaiian translation for our boat name is family sea. Nothing seemed more fitting as our whole goal is to enjoy every minute possible with our two boys while we explore the waters. Ohana, the term for family extends much farther than mom, dad and siblings though. In the hawaiian culture, ohana defines the earth, the sea and every creature in between, including the responsibility to care for all of it as though it were one of your own. Everyone is family.

"Buy the boat, set the date.", was the advice given to us by a friend, so we did. The boat is a Catalina 42 (2 cabin) sloop. Formerly named "Summer Squall", we purchased it in spring 2001. We have been loving her and attending to her every need since then to prepare us all for this latest journey. Bruce has diligently added and replaced many items to make her blue water worthy.

Ohana Kai



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Catalina 42- 2 Cabin

Boat specifications

loa 41' - 10"

dwl 36' 0"

beam 13'10"

draft, fin keel 6'0"

draft, wing keel 4'10"

designed weight 20,500 lbs.

ballast 8,300

engine 50 HP

sail area rated total 797 ft. 2



"There's something, about the ocean, that makes me stand in awe again..." by Ten Shekel Shirt