Central Baja

Northern Baja for us was one quick stop after another, each it's own beautiful bay and fishing town. Not until we got to Bahia Rosilillita and Asuncion did we really get to touch land and get a feel for the local flavor and customs.


Skim boarding in Santa Rosalillita

In Santa Rosalillita we were treated to new types of sea shells and sea life on the shore that we had not seen yet, including an old whale skeleton on the beach


Immediately upon entering the bay you are welcomed by Shari Bondi and her husband Juan, the goodwill ambassadors of the town. They graciously provide cruisers with a friendly place to call home and offer assistance for every need you may have including great food and wonderful friendships. We spent the next few days there sharing in it all.


As soon as we anchored we headed up to Shari's home and were given a lesson in making tortillas by hand from her neighbor Rosa. Let's just say we had a lot of fun but need a lot of practice.
The boys are still trying to convince me to build this rock jungle gym in our back yard when we return. Tristan is the yellow dot in the middle of the photo. Just below him is a blow hole. An abundance of sea shells and protected water provides hours of fun and exploration in Shari's back yard.
We took a day to explore the nearby canyon for some fossil hunting. Surrounded by arid desert, high mesas and the occasional cactus. We found many treasures including petrified shark teeth, bones, coral, crystals and Tristan and Dad even met up with a tarantula.



Niko, one of many fun creatures living at Shari's home. He is in good company with 2 horses, a couple of dogs, and a cat for now.