Ensenada & Baja California Norte

Our first day was a busy one filled with paperwork and getting our bearings. We were rewarded with this sunset that felt like it could swallow us up.

After much assistance from the harbor master Roger, we cleared customs without incident. No need for them to board our boat, thank goodness. It turns out we would have had to row them out there ourselves. Instead we found this playground which much to the boys delight had good old fashion merry go rounds, teeter-totters and a really high slides. You can tell the age of lawyers and sue happy clients has not reach Mexico yet.

Though it is a relatively tiny bay, it is extremely busy with its own import docks, cruise ship docks and of course being the first major port of entry for all of us cruisers. As we left the bay everyone decided to get busy including tug towing in garbage barges and cruise ships running emergency drills


After Ensenada we began the next phase of our journey. Life away from the docks and hopped our way down the Baja coastline from bay to bay and point to point. All along the way we were escorted by dolphins and began to enjoy the progressively warmer weather. We even had the chance to catch some of our first fish, Black Skipjacks.

Bahia de Colonett

Many of these bay in which we stayed are marked by large arroyos or canyons tucked in each of them. This creates an environment where the winds from the land swoop down through them in the afternoons and evenings and create quite a blow. It made for some rolly anchorages with interesting sleep but beautiful none the less.

Pacific White-sided Dolphin.