Sea of Cortez

It took two overnights to cross the Sea of Cortez. Not a lick of wind or wave so we paused our motoring in the middle for a quick dip. Each crew member took a turn going overboard


Isla Isabella

Our first destination off the mainland coast. The first sights upon arrival are some amazing rock structures soon shadowed by the enormous bird population that inhabits the island.

Fishing Village

A small fishing village is settled in the bay of this bird sanctuary. The pelican, frigate and infamous boobie birds are more than happy to receive the leftovers from the fisherman's daily catch.

Isla Isabella Fishing Village

Pelican with the leftovers of the daily catch

The yearling

The Blue Footed and the Proud

We took the opportunity to stretch our legs and hike around the island in search of the famed blue footed boobies and brown boobies (which actually have green and yellow feet). We were amazed! We trekked through groves of trees full of nesting and mating frigate birds. At the tops of the cliffs, we were able to come within feet of the nesting boobies with mothers on eggs, newly hatched babies and yearlings. Of course, with that comes distressed mothers and angry fathers literally nipping at our toes.

Show Off

Baby on Board

Iguana haven

As we began our hike around we were ecstatic to see an iguana in the wild cross our paths. Weren't we excited when we found their secret lair. They were neither impressed nor intimidated by us. They laid around basking in the sun and shedding their skins, not in any particular hurry.

The rock formations and cliffs were dramatic. Yet somehow, when you cover anything in that much bird guano and it smells something awful. The boobies nests sat atop these cliffs.