Morro Bay

Home of Morro rock, which is funny because in spanish, morro means rock or rock rock. We think the formations are amazing and worth both names.

Morro Bay

An overnight sail from Monterey, we tucked into Morro Bay early in the morning to stay for a couple of days. Highlights of the stop would certainly be the boys new surf board and the dolphins that played in the waves with the boys. We got some chores and laundry done and we were on our way.

San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo Bay and Avila Beach were the little sun spot we needed after the fog of Morro Bay. The kindness of strangers was priceless at the Custom House Restaurant. Just getting onto the dock was an adventure in itself as you have to climb up and down a 20 foot ladder to reach it. Under the Unocal Pier there is also a small maze of walkways to reach the top. We hadn't seen anything like it yet.







Our friends the Clifford family was visiting the states from New Zealand. They were able to join us for lunch and learn the fine art of sighting land and swinging like swashbucklers.


Morro Rock