Old trips and new travels. This is the place for stories and photos of our adventures. We will attempt to update the blocks of photos when we are ashore and have access to internet cafes.

May 2008


With quick short hops we were able to utilize the best weather windows and make our way up the Red Sea. Quick stops in Hurghada and Ismailia gave us the chance to to inland trips to Luxor and Cairo. We started off riding the wind in Ras Banyas, swam with dolphins and finished off riding the camels to view the pyramids. Who could ask for more?

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April 2008


Our introduction to the African Continent was everything we had hoped for. Our only stop in Sudan was the tiny town of Suakin. As we entered the channel we saw camels and what looked to be ancient ruins, we had arrived. A visit with local blacksmith, the open market and coffee house rounded out the whole experience.

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March 2008


Our crossing from Maldive to Yemen may have taken a little longer than we expected but it was worth the wait. Despite the terrorist activity that was taking place within Yemen at the time, we could not have felt more welcomed and accepted by these wonderful people. Cities built right up out of the rock mountains that provide a dramatic backdrop for them, mysterious and devout. We had quick visits in the towns of Al Mukalla and Aden. They don't often see visitors like us so they were as curious about us as we were about them. Let's step right into the pages of 1001 Arabian Nights.

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February - March 2008

The Maldive Islands

These are not your average atolls. From miles away the first thing you see is their striking modern skyline, surrounded by crystal clear waters, and hovering nearby, lots of air traffic. One month here passed quickly. Though there are relatively few places for a sailboat to anchor, we made the best of the islands Himmafushi and the Hulhumale anchorage near the airport. Quickly familiar with the capital of Male, we enjoyed watching their world operate and getting in our last opportunity to surf for the next 6 months.

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January 2008

Vietnam & Cambodia


A very exciting side trip that will forever hold a special place for us. With Lisa's parents, we got the chance to take a special look at history up close and see how it is evolving into it's brand new future. The old meets the new in these two countries as they continue to rebuild after their surviving their own challenging pasts. Ancient temples, silk worm farms, reviving old artisans crafts of all types, the history of Ho Chi Minh seen through Vietnam's eyes. It's a much different look and certainly worth seeing.

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December 2007 - January 2008


Many cruisers we met around Thailand found their way here and have never left. We could see why. Friendly faces wherever you look, fantastic food, more ground to cover on land and by water than we could certainly cover in a couple of months, let alone a couple of seasons. Buddha's, elephants, caves to climb in, rocks to climb up, waters to dive under and scooters to ride on. Sounds like fun doesn't it.

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September - November 2007


We spent 3 of the most intriguing months in this wonderful country exploring it from top to bottom, east to west. So much unique and colorful culture, wild animals, delectable flavors and smells, friendly people, volcano's and some of the greatest waves we've ever ridden, it is the first place to make us consider staying another season.

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August 2007


Only meant to be a quick stop over to complete our paper work for Indonesia, we had more fun than we imagined. A rambunctious 9 day crossing got us to Thursday Island, and 3 more days we landed in Darwin. Best of all we were reunited with some old pals on s/v Luna and s/v Pelikaan.

Good music, good food, good art.

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June - July 2007


The find of a lifetime. More diversity in languages and cultures in one group of islands than we have ever seen before. We got up close and personal with Mt. Yasur, one of their 6 active volcano's, witnessed ancient dances, discovered new creatures and experienced the most genuine hospitality around.

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May 2007

Fiji Islands

Set on the dateline where Polynesian and Melanesian cultures combine. Our first stop after New Zealand and our first introduction to kava among many other things.

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New Zealand

November 2006 - April 2007

We made it! Aotearoa, land of the long white cloud. Our destination at the end of the South Pacific rainbow. We arrived in the Bay of Islands just in time to enjoy Thanksgiving and stayed to explore the North and South Islands for the next 6 months. We bought a car, tried life back on land and all it had to offer before continuing on our way.

North Island

Home to Bay of Islands, Kauri forests, sand dunes, spectacular miles of coast line, big city Auckland, hot water springs and mud baths of Rotorua and of course, Sheep World!


South Island

Ferry rides, glaciers, rock climbing, bungee jumping, NZ creatures, cathedrals, farmland and of course Cadbury Chocolate!

These were just a few of the great many places we had the chance to visit though we felt like we had just begun to scratch the surface.