Newport & Dana Point

We snuck into Newport Harbor after dark and when the sun came up we were treated to a beautiful anchorage. Seemingly endless waterways lined with beautiful homes and yachts.


Our first stop was the famed "Wedge" which is an area known for it great strength and waves for boogie boarding and body surfing. We saw none of that the day we arrived but warm weather and plenty of sand to run and play on. It is fun to see how the sea shells and kelp are a little different on each beach we visit.

There are a few different ways to get around this water town depending on the intended activity. To fish, you can rig your kayak and troll around. One of these fishermen, though looking for sea bass caught a barracuda before hooking our anchor.


Then you can always ride around in what I call the floating golf cart. They remind Bruce of the Safari ride in Disneyland. Everyone here owns one of these and with drinks in hand, cruises around to visit each other any time day or night. Each one is decorated a little differently, adorned with lights and comfy pillows. You can even rent them. One evening some kids rented one to celebrate a birthday and mid toast, ran into the side of us. oops.

We spent a couple of days doing chores and of course a great day of surfing and playing in the waves for everyone. There is nothing quite like being able to play in the water all morning and then cross the sidewalk to get in line for a scrumptious corn dog with your wet suit still on.


From there we headed down to Dana Point and continued to work on some boat projects. We did get some time to explore Doheny Beach and have another adventure surfing. After the rain storm Los Angeles had gotten, there was a lot of run off through the aqueducts and creeks which carved out some great sandy cliffs in the beach.