Oceanside, Mission Bay & San Diego

The large schooner Privateer Lynx came into Oceanside with cannons ablaze and crew in full costume. A fun site to see. From there we spent one night in Mission Bay, 5 nights in Glorietta anchorage and then we lost track of time in San Diego while preparing to cross the border.

There was no room in the inn for us at the Police dock in San Diego due to all the cruisers present for the Baja Haha race. We happily took our place and anchored in the Glorietta Anchorage on the other side of the Coronado Bridge. Tucked in on that side of the bay we had a great view and vantage point of all the activity, Naval and otherwise that occurs around that beautiful town.

Our first stop after dropping anchor was of course Sea World. We brought the camera but had so much fun looking at things, this is the only photo we got. Looks like we took a wrong turn and got lost in the snow. The rest of our time in San Diego was spent running errands, and more errands, and more errands. We got our last vaccinations, every piece of documentation we could think of in triplicate, from different buildings around town, and bought every item we were afraid we may never see again.

We had lots of things to celebrate while we were here. Halloween took on a new twist in tradition as we dressed the boys up as the two headed crew and walked the docks to hand out candy instead of receive. Dock mates were thrilled and surprised to say the least. We did make it home with a couple of diet cherry colas, some cliff bars and a bag of licorice.

Tristan's birthday was next on the calendar. A neighboring cruiser, Fiona (from Poulsbo) stopped by to share in the celebration and some cake.


The largest celebration was a bon voyage party held for some new friends the Schmid family. They know how to throw a party, with roasted pig, bouncy room and pinata for starters. They are preparing to leave the docks for an adventure similar to ours with their own two boys. We stayed in San Diego a few more days as they took us under their wing and we took them under ours.


Taking a break in the bouncy room.