Santa Cruz Board Walk

The Santa Cruz Boardwalk was celebrating the 80th birthday of the Giant Dipper, an old wooden roller coaster. We stopped in to celebrate Matthew's 7th birthday.


After leaving out of Coyote Point, we stopped for a night in Half Moon Bay and then headed for Santa Cruz. A favorite beach hangout from high school days. We docked for a few nights in their harbor and enjoyed the ambience. The harbor masters office was helpful in getting around town when we needed spare parts and the beach and boardwalk were a quick walk away. It was fun to watch the local youth sail clubs have their last regatta of the season. We even got to share the dock one night with Team O'Neill's big catamaran. Surfing has been good to them.



Once the Elste family joined us in Santa Cruz, we boarded everyone on the boat and hopped, skipped around the bend and grabbed a mooring in Capitola. A quaint little beach side town with colorful cottages and all the warm sun and surf we could soak up that day. Ice cream always helps too.







Monterey and it's amazing sea critters! We were ushered into the bay with leaping sea lions and it didn't end for a week. When not swimming they can be found balancing on giant mooring balls or barking all night on the jetty. We spent a week with Nana & Papa enjoying the sights and sounds. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is wonderous. The jelly fish display alone kept us captive for a long time. Outside the dolphins would grace us with their feeding in the bay in the morning, otters playing all day. To top it off, the sea lions gave us a special wave good bye as we left.