Southern Baja California

After Asuncion we worked our way down to Abreojos to hide for a couple of days and wait for stiff 25-35 knot winds. From there we spent some great time in San Juanico and Bahia Santa Maria before making our way south to Cabo San Lucas.

Matthew catching a ride


Mom's a gymnast, dad's a swimmer and this is what you get, boogie boarder with great form.

San Juanico or Scorpion Bay to some is well known to surfers for extra long breaks that can line up for days. Last year they had a forecasted south swell that brought 400 campers out to this tiny town for some amazing rides. The town itself is now fairly populated with gringos who come to stay part of the year as evidenced by the recent building of vacation homes. We took advantage of the some of those nice right breaks ourselves.

For a small fee you to can rent one of these charming palapas that sleeps 10 and be steps from the sand and surf. Just up the hill is a restaurant with great food and even internet access.

We had caught many a fish so far on this trip but this was the first one we decided to keep. A beautiful yellow fin tuna. It was a bit of a traumatic moment for all three boys as the reality of killing it came to pass, but mom said off with it's head. Two nights later it was dinner and they finally agreed it was delicious.

The crew above from the boat Float On consisting of Garrett, Steve and Daniel were the ones who unfortunately were hit by the panga in San Juanico. They repaired their damages and we found them again in Santa Maria. The let us know of a great hike over the point that led to this location for surfing. Along the hike we were treated to cactus flowers in bloom, wild bee hives and breath taking views. Below is a look at just how dedicated these surfers can be, hiking hill and dale to find nirvana.