Our final destination in Mexico was a great last stop. We enjoyed the company of family and friends from home and reconnected with cruising friends from along the way. We played and provisioned and then we Puddle Jumped!

The bay in Zihuatanejo resembles a mini Cabo San Lucas as you round the corner past majestic rock cliffs dotted with hotels. The cruise ship sitting in the middle did surprise us though. We quickly found ourselves nestled in between old friends and new cruisers anchored off La Playa Ropa.

Family & Friends

Tim Mason came for one more visit before we crossed the Pacific and we took him to a little bay north around the corner called Isla Isabella for some fun. Bruce and he got in a day of surfing and they boys got a chance to boggie board speed style.

Lisa's parents, sister Krista and her son Indiana were able to visit as well. It was a great time as we took in the local sights, sounds and smells. Despite the occasional cruise ship that does make birth here, the town has managed to maintain a very authentic atmosphere with it's undisturbed cultures and flavors. Still very cruiser friendly. It may very well be our favorite stop yet.

Among some of the towns many, many, charms are the weekend festivals and their fishermen. Each weekend the town turns out in force as they set up every food vendor imaginable and local entertainment such as dance troops to perform. Something we quickly learned to look forward to. Watching the fishermen pull in their catch was also a treat as they prepared their goods for the local co-op.


Bruce took his own little unexpected road trip with ever present side kick Robert to Guadalajara. We had long since been aware that our batteries were acting marginally,yet we kept hoping for the best. Realizing this was our last chance to resolve the issue before crossing the ocean we took advantage of it. For better or worse that meant going and getting them ourselves. It would take to long and too much money to wait for them to come to us. Problem solved.

Needless to say the girls are a little jealous of not getting to see a bit of the interior of Mexico.

Jake, Indi (cousin), Tristan, Matthew, Sebastian, Zack & last but not least Benjamin

If you ask the boys, one of the greatest parts of Zihuatajeno may have been the reunion of the 3 greatest kid boats in cruising. Boasting a grand total of 6 boys they range from age 5 to 11 and all get along famously. You should hear them handle the VHF radio. They took the beaches of Zihua by storm.


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Zihuatanejo Guadalajara
Little girl ready to dance in the square
Bell tower in Guadalajara