Crazy Cruisers


We departed on this trip and found out we weren't the only ones! We have met some spectacular people along the way. One of the greatest parts of a lifestyle such as this is the amazing network of support and friendship that one finds. It is a unique world that we share.

Buddy boats, fellow friends or crazy cruisers such as ourselves. Whatever you call them, here are just a few of the connections we've made that will last a lifetime.


home port: San Diego, CA to Vienna, Austria

Robert, Niki, Sebastian & Benjamin


The first kid boat we met and made instant connections. We were joined at the hip until they decided to start dawdling but we know we will be attached to them forever.


home port: Seattle, WA

Kelly & Kelly (or kelly boy and kelly girl)

We first met them on the dock in San Diego but really got the chance to get to know them Mexico. We have been laughing and smiling all the way. Could be due to our shared love of sweets and life. OK the sweet life.


home port: Portland, Oregon

Tod, Juli, Jake & Zack

We floated past them in dinghies in Cabo San Lucas. Any boat with kids is a friend of ours and two boys to boot. There will always be adventures to share with them on or off the water.


home port: Victoria, B.C.

Barry & Karen
Our first meeting was in Zihuatanejo, MX , just like their cats, they are regal, refined and full of fun or mischief how ever you 'ld like to look at it!

White Swan

home port: Port Townsend, WA

Bob & Diana

These two are the epitome of following your dream, a style all their own with a spirit and energy to carry us all.

New Dawn

home port: Anchorage, AK

Ross & Laura

The ying and yang of the group, these two will keep you entertained and guessing all the way.



home port: Anchorage, AK

Ray & Judy

Proud parents of Ross on New Dawn, an amazing opportunity for them to share a special trip together.


home port: Richmond, CA

Chris, Kelly & Clair

Always there to lend a helping hand, there is much to gain from life grasshopper.

Bold Spirit

home port: Port Orchard, WA

Jeff & Kathy

Dock mates from home, these two are the true sailors and have earned their stripes.

Sea Kardinal

home port: San Francisco, CA

Frank, Jenny & Abby

Our only regret is that we didn't meet them sooner. We found each other floating around in the middle of the ocean somewhere, though they are settling in NZ our courses will cross again someday we're sure.




home port: Anchorage, AK


Look up the word fisherman in the dictionary and there he will be. No one man should know so much about a fish but we are so glad he does. And we are wiser for having met him. Focus!

Blue Sky

home port: Redondo Beach, CA

Jim, Emma, Phoebe & Drake

Energy in spades!!! You will never need or want for fun, laughter, warmth and a smile with them in their lives. Think just how happy we are to have them in ours.



home port: Sao Paolo, Brazil

Mark, Corinna, Patrick, Alexander & Philipp

We caught wind of them on the airwaves long before we finally caught up with each other in Tonga. One of our favorite boats, full of boys to add to the mix and one of the dearest families we'll ever met.

De Pelikaan

homeport: Scheveningen, Holland

Vincent, Iris,River & Roxy

You can't miss this smiley family in their beautiful traditional dutch style "yellow" sailboat. Their passion for life, family and appreciation for the world we share is infectious.

Monkey's Business

Jason & Laurel

homeport: Denver, Colorado



Bart, Dagmar & Soleil

home port: Maui, Hawaii

In love with the water, wind, waves and family, they are the perfect combination.

Our Country Home

home port: Corpus Christi, TX

Ralph & Glenda

The salt of the earth. The most genuine and kind hearted couple you'll ever meet.


Gene, Viki & Fiona

home port: Seattle, WA


We lost them in the Sea of Cortez, MX somewhere but we know we will run into them again someday.

We'll add some more as soon as we can capture their smiling faces.