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We've Circumnavigated the World!

May 6th, 9:55 am, 2009

We'll continue to sail Ohana Kai up the coast of Mexico until July 2009 and leave her in San Carlos, Sea of Cortez for the hurricane season. Meanwhile we'll fly home and try to learn to adjust to life on land. Come spring we'll give her a new coat of bottom paint and decide what to do with her next. We'll keep you posted on our next moves including that transition back to terra firma! Thanks again for coming along on the ride.

A fun link from the Panama Canal...

Video of Ohana Kai's Panama Canal Transit!

Special thanks goes out to Steven N. from Mississippi who kindly uploaded these photos and video for us! We're the little boat in the back row on the left side of the screen.



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The next few pages tell a bit about who we are, where we are, how we're getting there and

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We are...

A fun little family of four with

A life long dream to sail and see the world,

A lifelong desire to spend as much time together with our family exploring this world,

and here we are.

Though the dreaming and planning began years ago

The journey is beginning now.

Won't you join us and Sail On.

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Bruce, Lisa, Tristan & Matthew


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