Fort Bragg, California

We entered Fort Bragg on a typical foggy morning and moored Ohana Kai in a slip here in the Noyo River Harbor until we could move her to the bay at Albion River.


Adventure Details


Fort Bragg is the larger town north of the Albion campground. In past years we have been able to run to town with a car whenever we need some serious groceries or replacement parts for someone's trailer. This year since Bruce and I were docked here without other land transportation we took advantage of it and toured for the day on foot and in the dinghy. We covered a lot of ground as we zig zagged our way around the town up and down the back roads. There were quite a lot of cute and or curious shops to be seen.

We also took the dinghy up the Noyo River on which the harbor is located to see what we could find. Tucked way up the river we found another smaller marina that looks like a fun retirement spot where each tenant has their own trailer or mobile backed up the the high rivers edge and a corresponding slip on a small dock. Everyone had access to the fish cleaning station and most of them had their own built right off the back of their plot. It was a surprise to find.

There was a lot of wildlife to be found as well.

As we headed up the river we came across a few boys enjoying a swim in the river and as Bruce said looking guilty. On our way back down river, we found out the reason for the look. They were enjoying the thrills of jumping off the local trestle bridge in what we thought was some pretty shallow water.

Boys will be boys.

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