Albion River Campground

A kind local fisherman named John who crews the fishing vessel The Don, let us use his mooring in the little bay of Albion River. We took a few weeks and enjoyed the camping life. The cool coastal weather hung around most of the time but that didn't slow us down.


Adventure Details


Albion Camping Trip! The boys most favorite event of the year. It may even out do Christmas some days of the week. We can no sooner enter the campground before the bikes break out and they are off.

With each year comes a little more independence from the adults. They can now do laps around the campground, to the tires (a jungle gym of old tires firmly planted in the ground), and to the beach. This year it was extended all the way down to Schooner's Landing. A nearby attached campground with a really long road. Life couldn't be better. Until you add the joys of fishing. The boys can spend countless hours between catching crabs at low tide or patiently coaxing small bait fish onto their line only to turn around and feed it directly to the infamous "Oscar" the seal.

Let it be known now that Nana is always the undisputed champion fisherman with the largest salmon or the most fish in the bunch when we are there.

The boys new found freedom and frequent trips to the beach added activities which this year included a lot of skipping rocks for Tristan. A new found talent.There was also collaborative works on sand castles, forts and creations.

When one is tired of all this activity there are always other modes of transportation, a quick scooter ride or a paddle in the kayak. And when the day is done you can always enjoy my favorite - marshmallows in many forms such as marshmallow ala hot chocolate. Or a quick cuddle in the tent like Emma Kiely.

Most importantly, one must enjoy each minute possible with family because there is just nothing else like it. Especially when you can take the time to share a moment like this.

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