Beach Bums

Sunny or not one of our favorite past times here is hitting the beach. You can find us making sandcastles, boogie boarding and surfing.


Adventure Details


We have a lot of beaches to choose from around these parts. One of our favorites is our home beach at Albion River Campground. Each morning provides a new batch of shells and softned glass to collect. There are some great dunes to jump off, a fantastic climbing rock and you are always guaranteed a good piece of drift wood or tree to climb. It never gets old.


Caspar Beach is a bit more protected with smaller waves. A good thing when you are a beginning surf dude or dudette. The boys love to boogie board and skim board there. You can never go wrong with digging gigantic holes to China either.


Big River. Depending on the tides at the time, the beach can completely change its design. Each year there are slight differences in the sand bars creating a fun new landscape. It can be a bit of a hike for little legs some days but worth the effort.